Short version:

We are not guilty of anything. Anyway. Whatever happens. All responsibility for using the mod lies solely with you. We are not obliged to comply with your wishes and suggestions. We are not obligated to help you solve problems that arise when using the Mod. Think about it.

Long version:

  • This Mod for the game World of Warplanes is offered "as is".
  • The developers notify the User that installing the Mod on his computer, he does it at his own peril and risk.
  • Mod developers are not responsible for direct, indirect, accidental or other damage (including, but not limited to, lost profits, interruption in production, loss of information, programs, or other data of your information system, as well as equipment and its components), due to use or inability to use the content, materials and / or functionality of this Mod.
  • Under no circumstances will the Mod Developers provide any guarantees or representations in its performance and accuracy of the displayed information.
  • The data obtained with the help of Mod cannot be used or accepted to confirm any events, the consequence of which is the need to contact the World of Warplanes User Support Center.
  • Functionality of Mod is limited by the time. If you think this happens, simply download a new version.
  • Some players don't gain an access to the Mod functional. This is done on purpose
  • Mod developers do not guarantee stable operation of the World of Warplanes game, as well as its components, after Mod is installed on it.
  • The Mod developers expressly declare that they have nothing to do with the World of Warplanes game development group, as well as with the Wargaming Company.
  • The developers of Mod do not give any guarantees of the working capacity of Mod, when using operating systems, as well as accompanying software used to manage your information system, obtained illegally, as well as "hacked", or created using any kind of "assemblies", "optimizations" , "accelerators" and other methods not intended to be used by the manufacturer of these operating systems and/or related software.
  • The Mod developers are not obligated to, and do not provide any support to the end User and do not accompany the Mod in any way. Any reaction to complaints from Users about the work of Mod, or to suggestions from Users to improve the work of Mod is a goodwill and a direct desire, but not the responsibility of the Developers themselves.
  • Donations made on the site do not imply any "special", "personal", or any other relationship to the User who made this Donation and do not imply any preferences, hidden opportunities, as well as (but not limited to) benefits in relation to those Users who have not made any Donations.