We are the Supertesters of the World of Warplanes project. Our task was to test new patches for the game, find bugs, and also track the process of completing tasks set by the developers according to the scenario that the same developers came up with. We have been fulfilling these tasks for several years.

About ten thousand errors were found that you did not encounter in battles. And they didn't affect your mood. But some were not found, yes. We are not all as perfect as our mothers say.

We have fought thousands of battles testing new vehicles. Among us were both aсes and newbies. And each review was a review of a real player on a particular aircraft and how it, in his opinion, affects his gameplay. So the task was set. The averaged values ​​of these reviews have shaped the behavior of aircraft models of both types of aircraft. Premium and ordinary researched through battles.

At some point, the game of versions 1.x was closed. And the game of versions 2.x took its place. None of the players remained indifferent to this replacement. Someone left the project forever. Someone stayed hoping that game will be nice in this new form.

With the arrival of version 2.x, there was a serious lack of information received by the player during the battle. Event messages are short-lived and difficult to keep track of in the heat of the game. Much required information has been omitted. And during the battle there is nowhere to take it.

So the idea was born to take this information, since it is available in the client and, in fact, is not hidden anywhere. And bring it straight to your screen. So that you know for sure during the battle. How many have you knocked down. Whom did you knock down. What you bombed. And what and in what quantities did you get for it.

Everything flows. World of Warplanes no longer needs a Supertest. Patches are rarely released. The changes in the game are minimal. And there is almost no hope that the developers will enter this information in the form in which the players would like it to be.

Therefore, although it is rather late (there has been no Supertest for 2 years already), we give you the opportunity to know everything. Or almost everything. What you did in battle. And what else is left to do. Well, add a fresh twist to your game. Give it meaning, add a couple of percent to your victories.